In the Face of the Godless

[This post is completely chaotic, any order at all comes from Above; a warning in advance]

God is dead, and we have killed him.

Could such a statement be true? Do humans have the mere idea power to murder God? Thats essentially what it is, murder of God. Can you do it? Do you have the cold-hearted ability to calculate such a feat? Do you have the balls? (pardon the expression.) Here’s the kicker: just cuz you said you did it… did you?

Thats the premise I’m talking about right now.

While Atheists the world over proclaim the death of God and revel in their self-righteous attitudes, engaging in handshakes and flashing smiles to an applaudant crowd, it is just as plausible to at least consider the possibility that God is, all the while, watching them with a smile, waiting for the time when He will bring retribution upon their irreverent heads without warning. Isn’t it at least worth considering?

Now consider this instead, that God is not smiling at all. His heart is broken for those who ignorantly disbelieve, and even though they spit upon His people, and they befoul His name, yet does He love them. He urgently wishes for them to turn their hearts again to Him, and He still alows them time to do so.

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” (Psalms 14:1 KJV)

But Atheists are usually good people, aren’t they? They usually are very upstanding citizens, certainly, and often highly moral in their own regard. Herein lies the problem. (Can you spot it? I won’t tell you.)

“Reverence of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,”(Psalm 111:10)

“Holy acknowledgement of the Lord is the beggining of knowledge,” (Proverbs 1:7)

“Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” (Proverbs 9:10)

Beginning to see a pattern here? The truth is, at least from what I’ve seen, that Atheism has no foundation. Its like a bargain-basement faith with little to no committment [sic?]. I’m not saying that Atheists are fools, I don’t have to. God already said that. God already said that to understand Him fully is to begin  the path to Wisdom. Without God there can be no wisdom.

Atheists don’t like that, and so they proclaim that God is dead, and that humans come from monkeys. What seemed like an absurd joke in Darwin’s day has now become accepted amongs the highest people in global society. Understand this… people believe they come from monkeys. I don’t know, to me it just sounds preposterous, maybe you’re all familiar with this concept, but I can’t get my head around it; they actually believe it. The worst part is that, thanks to the scientific community, the everyday person now believes this as absolute fact. No wonder church attendance is low, they believe they come from monkeys. Holy crap.

And what exactly have we been doing this whole time? *looks at Christian community* Well, i know what I’ve been doing, I was whoring out my soul to the occult; but surely I’m the only one. Right? For one thing, what most Christians have done when dealing with Atheists is either debate them frivolously, or else lay down and let themselves be trampled. Its to the point where Christians are ashamed to be Christians, and Atheism reigns against a backdrop of Spiritual Awareness.

“Hey, aren’t you a Christian?”

“Me? Oh no… I think you’re thinking of someone else.”

First of all, Christians shouldn’t be debating anything. It’s not for us to prove the Bible, thats Gods job, Leave it up to Him. You just do your part, citizen. (Sign up Now!) And why do we let ourselves get walked on? Fear of offending somebody? Listen to me, and I’m sure to get a lot of crap for saying this but whatever: tolerance is Death; extremism is Life. Don’t let them push you around any longer. I’m not saying with violence (unless in defence), but I’m saying stand up for what (and Who) you believe in. Don’t be afraid anymore to be extremely vocal about it for fear of persecution, now is definitely not the time. I’d like to think the rule is (apprpriately): “Everyone fights, no one quits.” 

Hey, I’m not accusing anybody of anything I haven’t done myself (obviously), but what I am saying is this: it has to stop. No more tolerance. Am I inciting hatred of Atheists? Of course not! Am I inciting hatred against Atheism? Emphatically, yes. And why? Because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the lie, and I’m sick of seeing it everywhere, and MOST OF ALL I’m sick of seeing Christians not doing anything about it!

Now, there’s only one thing you need to know while combatting Atheism (in all its guises): you can’t really do much about the present state of things. The reason for this, as any Christian knows, is because these are the End Times. God has warned us in His Word that He is going to send Strong Delusion upon the wicked of this world. In truth, the only reason why we Christians are not entrapped by this delusion is because of the very fact that we know the truth. It’s simple, if you know the Scriptures, then you can understand what is going on during this most confusing age. Can I get a /b/men? (sorry, a little /b/tard humour.) *Amen*

Atheism, along with all Spiritual Awareness and New Age trends, are completely a part of this Delusion, i believe. Only God knows, but I believe that we’re able to understand what He was talking about by reading the Bible. I’d like to also note here, casually, that both Darwin and Nietzsche had a profound internal struggle as a result of their Godless state. Though they were both pioneers of Atheism, neither of them found adequacy in their own theories; dejectedly, they tried to ignore God’s call to them until their dying day.

What is the argument of Atheism anyway? Right now, I really want to just say to each and every Christian who reads this: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. God is in control. We have a job to do. There is still a battle going on, is there not? (many contend this very point, to my chagrin.) There IS a battle going on, and we are still called to preach the Word, to contend against the spiritual darkness of this world. This, ultimately, means trying to rescue Atheists from Atheism who, in turn, do not wish to be rescued. Thats putting it in the meanest of terms, but thats what it comes down to. We are called to be a light unto the world.

Jesus already knew they would hate us. But listen, we’re down to the wire now. Time is getting short, very short. The Enemy has only a little bit of time left, and he’s definitely watching US. The devil is probably not watching the majority of humanity as they willingly throw themselves off the precipice of Sin; He’s watching US. The Christian community.

He’s laughing because he thinks we’re down for the count. We’re a dead horse. Lets kick it… Right? At least have the courage to admit to yourselves what Christendom has become. Let’s all (myself included) look at ourselves in the mirror of Christ and see if we can stand ourselves even for a moment.

Ignorance is tragedy… It really is.

In conclusion, what do you do in the face of the Godless? You stand firm. Endure to the end. Defend the faith at all costs. Thats what we are now, defenders of the faith. The True Faith. We are servants of God Most High, and bearers of Light to those of the world. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be? What I’m supposed to be?

The Godless are fools! There is nothing they can do to you, aside from murder you in the most horrendous of fashions. Worse than this, they could persuade you with Atheism, which could make you wise in your own eyes. ITs one thing to have wisdom, even a shred of it; its quite another thing to be wise in your own eyes. Today’s world is being geared towards a one-world understanding of spirituality, politics, and science. It is becoming wise in its own eyes. Forget that, its BEEN wise in its own eyes. There’s not much we can do about the things God is doing to bring forth the Apocalypse (which is most definitely at hand, if you don’t think it is, you’d better wake up now before you wake up dead… in Hell), but what we can do is rally our troops. Another thing we can do is recruit.

Its not about conversion, its about gathering the Sheep. This whole post, its a Sheep thing. Only Sheep will understand. Atheists often talk about Sheep in wolve’s clothing, and I’ve heard allusions that this is because we must now hide amongst the wolves in their own clothing. They joke that we are their prey.

I have to laugh.

Sheep don’t have to be afraid of any wolf, or even a pack of wolves. Why? Because we know that the wolves should be afraid of our Shepherd. He always protects us.

Go forth warriors. Be strong in the Lord. I can only say that I will try to be also. Pray for me please.

I have much more faith in you all than I do in my own perseverance. What I say is the truth: repent, and turn your hearts to the Lord, the God of Israel!

Watch the temple. Pray for it to be laid.


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