Watch the Temple!

                  There has only been two of these in the history of the world.

The first Temple of YHWH was built by King Solomon circa 957 BCE. It was destroyed by Babylon in 587 BCE.

Construction of the second Temple was begun in 537 BCE, and was completed in 516 BCE. This second Temple was renovated by King Herod of Biblical fame. “Herod’s Temple,” as it became known, is the one which Jesus visited in His time. It was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

Thats it. There haven’t been any other temples since.

Both Jewish, and Christian eschatology foretells of the building of a third Temple.

Recently, I was walking to a friends’ house and I was suddenly overcome with a thought: that when the third Temple is built I would go there to worship the Lord YHWH in His house. This thought was refreshing to me, and a sense of purpose seemed to flow from its realization. I knew nothing more about the future of the Temple except for the apocalyptic verses of the Bible which prophesy that the Antichrist is to profane it in the last days. I can remember thinking of all the religions I’d looked into, and I looked to see a grand Catholic church on my right side. I was remorseful that I didn’t have an appropriate temple to worship the Lord in. I know that we are to be His temples, but you know what I mean… I felt sad because all other world religions had temples everywhere, but it seemed to me at that moment that YHWH should have an appropriate Temple to call His own. It was then that I vowed to worship at the Temple when it is built. I take God at His Word, I’m not afraid to do that. If He says there will be a third Temple, then there will be one. Its very easily understood.

So I decided to do some research into the Temple, specifically the future, third, Temple of Jerusalem. I was amazed to find out that most of the Temple is built already, being kept in storage. There is a new generation of Levite priests being trained for service in the third Temple. They have even blessed the cornerstones of the Temple! All at a time when it seems least likely that a Temple will be built. This is faith in action, people.

As in ancient Biblical times, the Jews have begun preparing for the Temple; they’ve built it; they’re almost ready to lay its foundation again. …and the whole world says it won’t happen. I tell you it WILL happen. It will. God said it would happen, and it will. If the third Temple is NOT built, then the God of Israel does not exist, for (if so) He is a liar.


Do you even realize, O seeker, the gravity of these things? Do you understand the significance of these words? I know that my own eloquence is sub-par, but listen to God’s words, not mine. When He says something will happen, you’d better be watching. Watch the Temple; it will be built IN YOUR LIFETIME! This present Postmodern generation will see it happen. They will avert their eyes. I understand now… I can barely explain, the joy I feel at the thought of being at the Temple is overwhelming, the thought of worshipping the true God in His own House. There has only been TWO in the history of humanity! Two of them! What an opportunity it will be for Jews and Christians to come together in knowledge and adoration of the God of Israel. I don’t even think I’d be allowed in due to impurity, but if I can just stand outside the gates looking in, I’ll worship from there. I’ll live right there.

I will know that God did it. I know now that He will do it. All of you looking for proof, and all of you who think you have it all understood, I stand here as living proof that we know nothing. Acknowledge your place before the God of Israel, and beg the Lord Jesus Christ to be with you. He will be.

Watch the Temple! Pray for it to be built NOW! Come and worship the God of Israel there!

I love you, my brothers and sisters!

By the grace of God, I’ll get there. We will hold hands and worship at the gates in tears of immaculate joy!


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