Holy War

Spit in the face of Satan. Go ahead, do it. The bible says that we are not to bring rallying accusation against the devil, but it never said that we couldn’t proclaim his defeat. Satan is a defeated enemy, thanks to Jesus Christ.

For those of you who have no idea, Satan (the Adversary (or Accuser) of the Bible) is the one who ultimately controls what happens here on earth. True, the entire Universe belongs to Jesus Christ, but Satan has been allowed a portion of time to deceive the world; in essence, Satan can’t make a move without God’s say-so (I know it can seem a little complex, but many of you should have been studying all this for years, myself included. If you haven’t been studying these things, then you might be a new Christian, in which case its understandable; be sure to speak with more experienced Christians such as a trusted pastor, preacher, or personal mentor.).

Satan doesn’t like for us to find out that he doesn’t have free reign. Indeed, he is revered in these times as a liberator, and is the symbol of freedom to Atheistic and Theistic Satanists, Freemasons, Luciferians, Gnostics, and Demonolaters worldwide. Many New Age groups of the Right-Hand variety who do not use names for the entities and energy-formations they acknowledge and/or revere, still believe in a basic Source from which all things derive. This force is seen as the balancing factor in nature and is nothing more than LaVey’s own interpretation of Satan. Satan is being acknowledged as the Prime Reality, whether directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly. It’s all the same to him really. As long as YOU don’t believe, then it’s all good. You get me?

There is a war going on. It is a battle that is being fought for the soul of every human being, for you and for me, for all of us. Laugh at it. Go on. Take a minute to laugh at it, I’ll wait…

Feel better now? The Bible says that people IN THE LAST DAYS will laugh at the teachings contained within its pages. How could it have predicted that? The Bible hadn’t even been compiled yet when Peter prophsied saying “scoffers shall appear in the last days…” most of us are familiar with the Scripture. So, I hope all you scoffers out there had a good laugh, you know why? Because I know that Satan deceives you, and it is he who laughs in you. If you knew what you were laughing at you’d never be laughing. Its you same people who are going to call for the mountains to fall on them so that they will be hidden at Christ’s return.

You people saying “what the hell is he talking about?” should know that Satan knows exactly what I’m talking about. He’s pissed that I’m letting the cat out of the bag, he definitely doesn’t want me telling you that he has absolutely no power whatsoever (over Christ and His people, that is). You people who believe that your belief alters the state of reality are sadly duped. You follow doctrines controlled by demons, and you are awed that you get results when you follow their systems. In reality, it is the demons who work through the systems in order to deceive you. Yes, one person matters. One single person matters, both to God and to the devil. Why? You ask me why? Isn’t it simple?

God created us, and therefor cherishes us like nothing else he made. Satan hates that fact, and wants to destroy as many of us as he can. The worst part about it is that the devil and his angels are super-intelligent compared to humans, but Satan has but a short time left and he knows this. Six-thousand years ago Satan at least had a bit of time to relax if he wanted to, but now he’s almost at the deadline (which for him is really the DEADline, if you get my drift). So, knowing that he has only a very short time left, he is working even more aggressively in hopes of deceiving everyone. He actually thinks that he will win in the coming battle. He really does. (Our turn to laugh, Christians).

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that Satan (along with his subjects) thinks he can win the Last War, or that many don’t believe that war is going to happen because the players don’t exist. Many who don’t believe in the Bible, many who don’t even believe in God, still believe that some great Harmonic Convergence is going to happen in 2012; cynics opt for the alternative that the world is going to end for whatever reason. People everywhere can feel the mounting tension, but because they have neglected to read their bibles, they have no idea whats going on. Instead they read this and say “Ooh, it’s this!” Then they read that and say “Ooh it’s that!” They claim all the while to be balanced, but they are about as centered as a roomful of cockraoches with the lights on (meaning not very).

It’s (past) time for Christians to get serious. In a world where the common belief is that Christianity needs to be criticized and reinterpreted in favour of more politically-correct varieties, Christians should recognize this as the sign it is. Now is definitely not the time to let yourself be silenced; now is not the time to bicker amongst yourselves over doctrinal differences; now is not the time for doubt.

It is time to believe; it is time to preach; and it is time to wage spiritual war on Satan. It is time to stand up for what you believe in. When Satan tells you that you can’t do it, that you’re worthless, and that you’ll fail: that’s when you look him straight in the eye and give him a right-hook to the jaw. If he keeps talking, then you’re not hitting him hard enough. (those with ears to hear…) Now is the time to hunt demons. People will laugh at you for believing in demons; keep hunting them, and continue sending them back to the abyss. Ignorant people will have no idea what you’re doing, they will mock you and slander you. Know that when they do this, you’re on the right track for the demons are in anxiety over you. Satan weeps when he loses control over one single individual.

At this point its not enough anymore to allow your loved ones to be devoured whole by the deceptions of Satan; snatch them from the lion’s jaws, even if they at first despise you for it. After they see what certain danger they have been pulled from, they will rejoice. Don’t just stand there and shout for them to watch out for that hole they’re about to fall into, go over to them, and push them out of the way. Isn’t that what you would want someone to do for you? When the signs say “DANGER” everywhere, yet you let your loved ones go towards them, what good does it do them? Especially in this age of time? This is the time when mother shall turn against daughter, father against son, and nation against nation. It would be expedient for you at this point to at least try to forcibly hold back your loved ones from certain death, despite their protests to the contrary. Time is too short. Make sure they know EXACTLY what they’re getting into. Don’t let the demons just talk and talk through them, CAST THEM OUT YOURSELF! Now is the time to hunt demons. Wherever you see them, murder them with the Spirit.

The Apocalypse has begun, long before some of us were born. We are living in it. It’s happening right now. Its not happening in some far off world where you can do nothing about it, its happening right here! Its happening in your home, in your friend’s homes, in the workplace, in the streets, on the television. Proof is everywhere, if you don’t see it then you should try opening your eyes. There is a war going on, and we are all a part of it.

Instead of believe, people would rather dispute and argue. They would rather believe that they are on the right track for themselves, they would rather believe they know what is best for themselves, and (usually) they would rather wipe their rectums with a Bible than actually read one. We’re living in a sick world, I am living proof. The world itself is sick, and its crying out for help!

Christians: arm yourselves for war. Think of yourselves as hunters and slayers of demons. Consider your Bibles as military handbooks, and as anti-magick to counter the spells of the wicked. Its all true. Prepare for war, prepare for backlash and persecution, and prepare to defend your faith like never before! Remember to spit in Satan’s face when he taunts you, that really gets him pissed off. Above all, rejoice! Give praise to Jesus! (You know… people actually wonder why we praise Jesus at all… )

Christianity needs a new generation to stand up for righteousness, and it needs teachers to teach them. Extreme conditions demand extreme responses. Guerilla Christians. We’re not exorcists, we’re Demon-Slayers. The new generation of Christians must learn to be seven times as aggressive as previous generations, and fourteen times as loving. When we attack the spiritual realm, Satan had better watch out.

Get ready for a massive outpouring of God’s Spirit the likes of which have never been seen before! The key-word is:


Revival IS Holy War.

Pray for the Temple, and keep your eyes on Israel! Nothing happens in Bible-Prophecy without Israel!


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