The Writing

“…He is our God, Creator of All

Unless you accept Him you’ll continue to fall

The battle is real, on you He will call

So don’t ever wait, because the wiritng’s on the wall.”

Stryper “The Writing’s on the Wall”


(see the book of Daniel, chapter 5)

Belshazzar’s night wasn’t going well. His great feast was not the success he had hoped it would be.

The party began in good spirits. A thousand people came to the feast and were making merry; Belshazzar drank wine along with the them. Tasting the wine, Belshazzar gave orders to his officials that they were to bring the the gold and silver vessels that had been taken from the Temple of YHWH during the siege of Jerusalem by Babylon. Belshazzar and his nobles, his wives, and his concubines drank wine from the vessels, which were from the Temple, during which they praised their idols in drunken revelry. The celebration was cut short when suddenly a hand emerged in thin air. The company was shocked, and they stared in surprise as the fingers carefully wrote out words in the plaster of the wall opposite the lampstand.

We know the rest of the story. Or… maybe you don’t. (Dan. 5) Well, I’ll spoil the ending for you: Belshazzar dies. Why did he die? I imagine that God wasn’t too pleased with the fact that Belshazzar used vessels from the Temple wherewith to satiate his alcoholic craving. In my minds eye I can imagine God just waiting for the moment Belshazzar’s lips touched His holy vessels. Oh yeah? You want to drink from my holy instruments? Okay then…


That’s what the hand wrote (for those of you who don’t know). Now, the prophet Daniel was eventually called in to reveal the meaning of the words unto king Belshazzar, and Daniel gave the king a very specific interpretation through the power of God’s Spirit that rested upon him. However, the gist of the message was basically this: “You, Belshazzar, are royally screwed.” YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. Thats pretty much it. When Daniel made the interpretation the king then called for Daniel to be given a royal robe, and a necklace of gold. That very night king Belshazzar was assassinated, thus turning power over to Darius the Mede (i.e., next king who took the kingdom by force; background research required).

Bottom line is that Belshazzar’s days were numbered. Actually, Belshazzar’s days had run out! There were no more chances, no more excuses. Belshazzar died as a result of his sin. This story shows us exactly what sin is, and gives us a clear indication of it. Its not like the king’s sin is vague or anything, he blatantly defied YHWH, the One True and Living God, by drinking wine out of the vessels prepared for the Temple. Bad idea from the start, I have to say. Sure it seems cool to do so at first, until God spells out your certain doom in terms you cannot avoid. And physical death isn’t what we’re talking about here, we all know (or should know) that people can be dead for a long time before they actually die physically. Those same people who walk around feigning life for all to see, end up in a state far worse than any hell they could have made for themselves here on earth.

Now, I don’t know if I believe in Hell. Wait a minute! Wait…wait…wait! Hear me out. I know there will be people who will disregard anything I have to say based on any one statement that I make, so I try to be very careful to explain each statement as coherently as possible (and if you know me, thats not very coherent at all). So anyways, I don’t believe in “Hell,” that is to say that I don’t believe in the contemporary understanding of Hell. I’m still looking into this topic, as I’m unclear on the whole Gehenna/Tartarus/Sheol/Abaddon debate. (For new christians, look up “Hell” on Wikipedia).

I DO, however, believe very much in a state of separation from God. I do believe it will be a place of torment because being separated from God is torment. It is. We can try and tell ourselves its not, but after a few more years of grasping at that elusive butterfly, you’ll begin to reconsider… or maybe worse, you WON’T reconsider. You’ll just continue grasping for butterfly’s. Whatever separation from God we experience here on earth is magnified to an infinite degree in the afterlife. Perhaps there really is a place of eternal fire, its a definite possibility to consider. Any of the concepts of Hell may be truthful, we do not know for sure, but its good to keep them all in mind. I for one don’t want to find out what they are really, but fear of Hell is not what drives me to God. I’ve been a Satanist of many different styles and variations, and the prospect of burning eternally in Hell is a welcome aesthetic for some Satanists. But, whatever the case, the Bible is CLEAR that there is  a place prepared for the wicked, and it is defiitely a place of eternal separation from God.

As wicked as the world is now, as wise as it is in its own eyes, God is still in control. The entire population of earth can disagree with that statement, but it doesn’t stop the truth from being real: God is in control. Now, imagine if He really weren’t in control. Imagine the scope of widespread chaos. /B/tards and anarchists the world over think they would revel, and some of them might, but it will be the sickest of individuals that celebrate. They believe that only the strong survive, and they will kill to prove it. This is nothing new, its already happening that way. Imagine the United States as docile as a third-world country, and twice as ravaged by war. Imagine that you can’t go out of your house because the gangs are right outside, killing anything they see move, shooting at everything. C’mon, this is fun right? Let’s riot! Lulz0r!

The problem is that most people won’t connect the dots. They won’t read the Bible, and so they won’t understand that everything that is going on in these times is ALL LAID OUT. Its all explained in the Bible, God told mankind what would happen. The writing is on the wall, right now, but the tragedy is that most will not stop looking at themselves long enough to consider the writing (the Bible), and the ones who do glance at it for a fleeting moment will discard it casually as “not for them.” Can you see the Enemy at work in all these things? Can you? Do you have eyes to see? The world has called for the precious vessels of Gods holy Temple to be used for drinking wine so that they may become drunk; but God waits for them to have the audacity to do so. (if you have ears to hear… shout AMEN!) He has spiked their wine with the wrath of His indignation.

The writing is on the wall for you. For each and every one of us. It looms above our heads as we walk around, go to parties, have sex, and watch television. It darkens our spirits with the threat of personal catastrophe in every moment of life, whether conscious or unconscious, awake or asleep. It’s like Bunyan’s perpetual burden on our backs, weighing us down.

How do you get rid of it? It’s EASY!

Fortunately for us, God made a plan to bring us back to Him. It does not entail us realizing our own inherent self-divinity (which doesn’t exist, by the way). No, He sent His Son into the world to be a sacrifice for sin. Jesus isn’t dead. He is ALIVE! He’s watching all of us right now; acknowledge that He is, and have faith in Him! He is the only Way to God; if you can’t find God (the true God) its because you’re looking in the wrong place. If you’re finding gods inside yourself, or outside of yourself that are giving you information that conflicts with the Bible, then (sorry to break it to you) but you’re being found by demons. Laugh if you want, but I’m not laughing.

(Demonhunters tip: Each and every spirit existing as a result of any spiritual system, aside from agents of YHWH, can be cast out through the power of Christ. Every spirit from any religion (even ones purported to not exist) MUST (and always do) obey the Word of God, and they must obey the command of Christians when such commands are given by faith. There are no exceptions to the rule.)

God has written on the wall you’ve built up around yourself. He has marked that your time is almost up; turn to Him now! There really is no other way, I’ve searched and searched for it, but there is no other way. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And thats all I can say.

Watch the Temple, friends and Beloved! Jesus Christ is coming back soon! The Apocalypse is at hand!


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