The Writing

“…He is our God, Creator of All

Unless you accept Him you’ll continue to fall

The battle is real, on you He will call

So don’t ever wait, because the wiritng’s on the wall.”

Stryper “The Writing’s on the Wall”


(see the book of Daniel, chapter 5)

Belshazzar’s night wasn’t going well. His great feast was not the success he had hoped it would be.

The party began in good spirits. A thousand people came to the feast and were making merry; Belshazzar drank wine along with the them. Tasting the wine, Belshazzar gave orders to his officials that they were to bring the the gold and silver vessels that had been taken from the Temple of YHWH during the siege of Jerusalem by Babylon. Belshazzar and his nobles, his wives, and his concubines drank wine from the vessels, which were from the Temple, during which they praised their idols in drunken revelry. The celebration was cut short when suddenly a hand emerged in thin air. The company was shocked, and they stared in surprise as the fingers carefully wrote out words in the plaster of the wall opposite the lampstand.

We know the rest of the story. Or… maybe you don’t. (Dan. 5) Well, I’ll spoil the ending for you: Belshazzar dies. Why did he die? I imagine that God wasn’t too pleased with the fact that Belshazzar used vessels from the Temple wherewith to satiate his alcoholic craving. In my minds eye I can imagine God just waiting for the moment Belshazzar’s lips touched His holy vessels. Oh yeah? You want to drink from my holy instruments? Okay then…


That’s what the hand wrote (for those of you who don’t know). Now, the prophet Daniel was eventually called in to reveal the meaning of the words unto king Belshazzar, and Daniel gave the king a very specific interpretation through the power of God’s Spirit that rested upon him. However, the gist of the message was basically this: “You, Belshazzar, are royally screwed.” YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. Thats pretty much it. When Daniel made the interpretation the king then called for Daniel to be given a royal robe, and a necklace of gold. That very night king Belshazzar was assassinated, thus turning power over to Darius the Mede (i.e., next king who took the kingdom by force; background research required).

Bottom line is that Belshazzar’s days were numbered. Actually, Belshazzar’s days had run out! There were no more chances, no more excuses. Belshazzar died as a result of his sin. This story shows us exactly what sin is, and gives us a clear indication of it. Its not like the king’s sin is vague or anything, he blatantly defied YHWH, the One True and Living God, by drinking wine out of the vessels prepared for the Temple. Bad idea from the start, I have to say. Sure it seems cool to do so at first, until God spells out your certain doom in terms you cannot avoid. And physical death isn’t what we’re talking about here, we all know (or should know) that people can be dead for a long time before they actually die physically. Those same people who walk around feigning life for all to see, end up in a state far worse than any hell they could have made for themselves here on earth.

Now, I don’t know if I believe in Hell. Wait a minute! Wait…wait…wait! Hear me out. I know there will be people who will disregard anything I have to say based on any one statement that I make, so I try to be very careful to explain each statement as coherently as possible (and if you know me, thats not very coherent at all). So anyways, I don’t believe in “Hell,” that is to say that I don’t believe in the contemporary understanding of Hell. I’m still looking into this topic, as I’m unclear on the whole Gehenna/Tartarus/Sheol/Abaddon debate. (For new christians, look up “Hell” on Wikipedia).

I DO, however, believe very much in a state of separation from God. I do believe it will be a place of torment because being separated from God is torment. It is. We can try and tell ourselves its not, but after a few more years of grasping at that elusive butterfly, you’ll begin to reconsider… or maybe worse, you WON’T reconsider. You’ll just continue grasping for butterfly’s. Whatever separation from God we experience here on earth is magnified to an infinite degree in the afterlife. Perhaps there really is a place of eternal fire, its a definite possibility to consider. Any of the concepts of Hell may be truthful, we do not know for sure, but its good to keep them all in mind. I for one don’t want to find out what they are really, but fear of Hell is not what drives me to God. I’ve been a Satanist of many different styles and variations, and the prospect of burning eternally in Hell is a welcome aesthetic for some Satanists. But, whatever the case, the Bible is CLEAR that there is  a place prepared for the wicked, and it is defiitely a place of eternal separation from God.

As wicked as the world is now, as wise as it is in its own eyes, God is still in control. The entire population of earth can disagree with that statement, but it doesn’t stop the truth from being real: God is in control. Now, imagine if He really weren’t in control. Imagine the scope of widespread chaos. /B/tards and anarchists the world over think they would revel, and some of them might, but it will be the sickest of individuals that celebrate. They believe that only the strong survive, and they will kill to prove it. This is nothing new, its already happening that way. Imagine the United States as docile as a third-world country, and twice as ravaged by war. Imagine that you can’t go out of your house because the gangs are right outside, killing anything they see move, shooting at everything. C’mon, this is fun right? Let’s riot! Lulz0r!

The problem is that most people won’t connect the dots. They won’t read the Bible, and so they won’t understand that everything that is going on in these times is ALL LAID OUT. Its all explained in the Bible, God told mankind what would happen. The writing is on the wall, right now, but the tragedy is that most will not stop looking at themselves long enough to consider the writing (the Bible), and the ones who do glance at it for a fleeting moment will discard it casually as “not for them.” Can you see the Enemy at work in all these things? Can you? Do you have eyes to see? The world has called for the precious vessels of Gods holy Temple to be used for drinking wine so that they may become drunk; but God waits for them to have the audacity to do so. (if you have ears to hear… shout AMEN!) He has spiked their wine with the wrath of His indignation.

The writing is on the wall for you. For each and every one of us. It looms above our heads as we walk around, go to parties, have sex, and watch television. It darkens our spirits with the threat of personal catastrophe in every moment of life, whether conscious or unconscious, awake or asleep. It’s like Bunyan’s perpetual burden on our backs, weighing us down.

How do you get rid of it? It’s EASY!

Fortunately for us, God made a plan to bring us back to Him. It does not entail us realizing our own inherent self-divinity (which doesn’t exist, by the way). No, He sent His Son into the world to be a sacrifice for sin. Jesus isn’t dead. He is ALIVE! He’s watching all of us right now; acknowledge that He is, and have faith in Him! He is the only Way to God; if you can’t find God (the true God) its because you’re looking in the wrong place. If you’re finding gods inside yourself, or outside of yourself that are giving you information that conflicts with the Bible, then (sorry to break it to you) but you’re being found by demons. Laugh if you want, but I’m not laughing.

(Demonhunters tip: Each and every spirit existing as a result of any spiritual system, aside from agents of YHWH, can be cast out through the power of Christ. Every spirit from any religion (even ones purported to not exist) MUST (and always do) obey the Word of God, and they must obey the command of Christians when such commands are given by faith. There are no exceptions to the rule.)

God has written on the wall you’ve built up around yourself. He has marked that your time is almost up; turn to Him now! There really is no other way, I’ve searched and searched for it, but there is no other way. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And thats all I can say.

Watch the Temple, friends and Beloved! Jesus Christ is coming back soon! The Apocalypse is at hand!


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Watch the Temple!

                  There has only been two of these in the history of the world.

The first Temple of YHWH was built by King Solomon circa 957 BCE. It was destroyed by Babylon in 587 BCE.

Construction of the second Temple was begun in 537 BCE, and was completed in 516 BCE. This second Temple was renovated by King Herod of Biblical fame. “Herod’s Temple,” as it became known, is the one which Jesus visited in His time. It was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE.

Thats it. There haven’t been any other temples since.

Both Jewish, and Christian eschatology foretells of the building of a third Temple.

Recently, I was walking to a friends’ house and I was suddenly overcome with a thought: that when the third Temple is built I would go there to worship the Lord YHWH in His house. This thought was refreshing to me, and a sense of purpose seemed to flow from its realization. I knew nothing more about the future of the Temple except for the apocalyptic verses of the Bible which prophesy that the Antichrist is to profane it in the last days. I can remember thinking of all the religions I’d looked into, and I looked to see a grand Catholic church on my right side. I was remorseful that I didn’t have an appropriate temple to worship the Lord in. I know that we are to be His temples, but you know what I mean… I felt sad because all other world religions had temples everywhere, but it seemed to me at that moment that YHWH should have an appropriate Temple to call His own. It was then that I vowed to worship at the Temple when it is built. I take God at His Word, I’m not afraid to do that. If He says there will be a third Temple, then there will be one. Its very easily understood.

So I decided to do some research into the Temple, specifically the future, third, Temple of Jerusalem. I was amazed to find out that most of the Temple is built already, being kept in storage. There is a new generation of Levite priests being trained for service in the third Temple. They have even blessed the cornerstones of the Temple! All at a time when it seems least likely that a Temple will be built. This is faith in action, people.

As in ancient Biblical times, the Jews have begun preparing for the Temple; they’ve built it; they’re almost ready to lay its foundation again. …and the whole world says it won’t happen. I tell you it WILL happen. It will. God said it would happen, and it will. If the third Temple is NOT built, then the God of Israel does not exist, for (if so) He is a liar.


Do you even realize, O seeker, the gravity of these things? Do you understand the significance of these words? I know that my own eloquence is sub-par, but listen to God’s words, not mine. When He says something will happen, you’d better be watching. Watch the Temple; it will be built IN YOUR LIFETIME! This present Postmodern generation will see it happen. They will avert their eyes. I understand now… I can barely explain, the joy I feel at the thought of being at the Temple is overwhelming, the thought of worshipping the true God in His own House. There has only been TWO in the history of humanity! Two of them! What an opportunity it will be for Jews and Christians to come together in knowledge and adoration of the God of Israel. I don’t even think I’d be allowed in due to impurity, but if I can just stand outside the gates looking in, I’ll worship from there. I’ll live right there.

I will know that God did it. I know now that He will do it. All of you looking for proof, and all of you who think you have it all understood, I stand here as living proof that we know nothing. Acknowledge your place before the God of Israel, and beg the Lord Jesus Christ to be with you. He will be.

Watch the Temple! Pray for it to be built NOW! Come and worship the God of Israel there!

I love you, my brothers and sisters!

By the grace of God, I’ll get there. We will hold hands and worship at the gates in tears of immaculate joy!


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SING ALONG! Petra “Thankful Heart”

“I have a thankful heart that you have given me
And it can only come from you
There is no way to begin to tell you how I feel
There are no words to express how you’ve become so real
Jesus, you’ve given me so much I can’t repay
I have no offering
There is no way to begin to tell you how I feel
There’s nothing more I can say and no way to repay
Your warming touch that melts my heart of stone
Your steadfast love – I’ll never be alone
I have a thankful heart that you have given me
And it can only come from you
I have a thankful heart; words don’t come easily
But I am sure you can see my thankful heart
Help me be a man of God
A man who’s after Your own heart
Help me show my gratitude
And keep in me a thankful heart “

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My Fallen Idols

Well, your humble servant is getting nicely pwned by Atheists at the moment (not as a result of yesterday’s post, actually a reason for my beginning this web-log is because of my getting pwned by Atheists. I figured, if all I was doing was preaching anyway, I might as well officially start, but thats for another post, surely). Although I am currently being, seemingly, fed to the Godless at this point, thats not what I want to talk about right now. Its definitely on my mind, but I there’s another issue which I’d like to address while I still have the time, and that is the subject of my fallen idols.

Many Christians are familiar with the biblical term “idolatry,” and today about 90% of the population practices some form of idolatry or another. For those of you who do not know what idolatry is, just look it up in a bible dictionary. I strongly urge people who don’t have sufficient background knowledge on these subjects to DO THE RESEARCH. The reason for this is because I do not have the time to explain intricacies of the Scriptures which should be well known to Christians by now. If you’re not a Christian, check out the Altar Call  tab up top. By now, christians should be eating meat, not drinking milk. I should be eating meat; maybe I am, maybe I’m not, but I plan to seek it out. So, lets get back to the topic:

My fallen idols. I’m not speaking here of statues set up to worship, nor am I talking about materialism and its evils. I’m talking about musicians; but I’m not talking about how musicians can be set up as idols, etc., etc., those subjects have been exhaustively run into the ground. I’m simply talking about musicians that I liked during my childhood, specifically the Christian artists who have had an impact on my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and my spiritual life while growing up.

I was a Stryper kid. I began listening to Guns N’ Roses at the age of Eight, and when I was Nine my dad (weary of the profanity and offensive themes of GnR) told me about Stryper. We were in a music store in Sherbrooke, QC, probably that same location where music stores seem to constantly be there on Wellington street, yet always changing names due to change of management. I picked up my first Stryper cassette tape there (for those of you wondering what a cassette tape is, let me just say that Ipod’s are gay and Walkman’s rule! :p lol), my dad bought it for me. It was their now infamous classic “To Hell with the Devil.”

I would listen to that over and over, and over and over again some more. A few years later I had begun to collect their albums one by one, but I only had the previous one mentioned, and their follow-up to it entitled “In God We Trust.” By a stroke of luck I found “Against the Law” in a second-hand music shop, and begged my mom to buy it for me.

I was so excited to get that tape, and as the first track played (which I believe is the title-track), I remember asking myself “…are they still Christians?” I remember analyzing the lyrics, photos, and liner notes. Something was wrong, I could tell. First of all, they weren’t wearing their signature yellow-and-black stripes, and secondly, their lyrics were seemingly less Christian than they were in previous efforts.

Can’t a band evolve? Must I become critical of all groups when they change musical directions? Yes, I believe so, when the artists in general are Christians and playing music for Christians. Hear me out, I’ll get to my point eventually. Anyways, lets just say that I was very influenced by Stryper as a kid, and as a pre-teen I was startled to notice that they seemed a little less emphatic on the message of Christ, which I thought to be very important. They had helped me to feel the urgency and significance of that message in the first place, so long ago. Of course, years later I learned about the controversy that surrounded that particular album, how it was apparently crafted more for top-40 success than to speak the Truth. These were Christians that were very important to me, I even wrote to Stryper once asking why God was not thanked FIRST on Against the Law like it had been on all the other albums. I did get a response (from Michael Sweet’s mother no less!), but it wasn’t satisfying. Fortunately, they at least offered a band-aid in the form of the awesome thundering of the final track “Rock the Hell out of You.”  But over-all, it wasn’t hard to see that Stryper had begun to go the way of the herd… at least for a while.

Fast forward to around 1995. I was into Death Metal, and had the good fortune to find extreme metal albums in some christian bookstores in my area. This greatly delighted me, because I wanted to see how these bands could compare to the secular bands that I was into also. I picked up albums by Mortification, Tourniquet, and Vengeance Rising; three awesomely talented bands. Vengeance Rising was on their way to becoming my favorite of the three bands. Fortunately, the devastation of their eventual apostacy was dampened by my own seduction into the occult. I wasn’t as affected by the blow as hard as I’m sure other Christian metal fans were.

It wasn’t until years later that I heard the news, that Vengeance Rising was no more, and that their frontman had turned from Christianity. At the time I was trying to get out of the satanic lifestyle, so it interested me to get into all the old Christian metal bands that I loved. But vengeance Rising wasn’t there. Roger Martinez (lead vocals/guitar) couldn’t possibly know the hearts that he’s broken by discontinuing the faith… could he? How many kids were traumatized when they saw one of the humans they looked up to the most just walk away? How many of those kids walked away too? Thats the question that troubles me the most. I realize that these are still HUMANS we’re talking about, but there is a reason why God holds Shepherds responsible moreso than the flocks: because if the Sheep are lead astray by a irresponsible Shepherd, then the Sheep cannot be held responsible. God entrusts the Shepherds with His Sheep, and He trusts that the Shepherds will not lead the Sheep into the mouths of wolves. Fortunately, we have Jesus; unfortunately, most preachers aren’t adequate Shepherds. Thats not to say they can’t be; God encouraged us to “feed His flock,” did He not? Preachers are held accountable to what they say to the people, and individual shepherds are held accountable to the Lord for how they took care of the Sheep. Amirite? To peole who don’t know the Bible I sound insane, but to those who know what I’m talking about, thats pretty much what it says, correct?

Fast forward to last night. I went on Youtube to hear a song that has always filled me with inspiration, and I used to listen to it and feel the Spirit of God all around me… it was a very special song. It was by a singer who I very much loved when I went to Calvary Apostolic Church around the time I was Eleven, just before the Death Metal days. I was actually introduced to this singers music through a church presentation we performed to one of his songs; the song was about Paul and Silas in jail. Yes, I’m talking about Ray Boltz.

I learned, just last night, that Ray Boltz has come out of the closet as a homosexual man. This is actually what prompted me to write this message about “my fallen idols.” You cannot imagine my bereavement. Another Christian whom I very much looked up to in the Faith has made my countenance fall, this time through homosexuality. I cannot judge, not Ray, not Roger, not Stryper. I have my own issues with sexuality. I know that we should look at Christ always, and look up to Him, but at the same time its difficult to explain because on the one hand you have Christ, and on the other hand you have humans who are mighty men of Faith, HEROES, Defenders of the Faith… and they are shaken. It only goes to show you the kind of horror we are living in, in these last days. Humans are human, and they fall. They sin. It’s true. But I think the remainder of this message is going to be different from what was expected, at least I hope so…

Humans sin, and mighty men of faith do become shaken. Consider Peter. He denied Christ three times for fear of his own skin. He watched Jesus be humiliated and tortured, yet he denied the Lord. Who wouldn’t in that case? I probably would have too. Was Peter’s sin any worse than that which any of the musical artists in question have committed? Or worse than any you or I have committed?

And when these people fall from worthiness in our eyes, what do we do? None of us are worthy of God’s love. We can’t earn it, or work our way up to it, He offers it free when He doesn’t have to. What do we, being Christians, usually do in these scenario’s? We condemn them, or shun them, or boycott them, or anything that will make us feel better about it (even preaching to them, tough-love, or whatever).

The truth is this: they are fallen away. The truth is this: God loves them still. God is NOT absent in their lives. They may be living lives of sin, WE may be living lives of sin, I may be living a life of sin; but God is still God. He always will be. And He calls us all to repentance. Oh sure, we might fight about it during the day, but in those moments just before sleep each and every person faces God. They face their own sin, and there aren’t so many distractions to drown out the noise of the blood which calls from the ground.

None of us should be judging them; all of us should be praying for them.

Stryper is once again, I’m glad to say, proclaiming the good news of Christ for all to hear. Praise Jesus! I pray that they will be given strength to persevere in the face of the Godless, in the face of everything the Enemy may throw at them in order to make them fail.

Roger Martinez is loved. He needs to know this, even though he hates it. I pray that the love of Christ surrounds him, and that we will see him become a mighty hero for Christ once again! There are many people who are waiting to welcome you back Roger, and they are praying for you fervently. As an old fan I can say, I love you too, and I hope you will return to Christ. Don’t let these satanic metal groups win! Their philosophies are empty; they may not know it, but YOU do.

Ray Boltz. My heart is broken. I know how hard it is to deal with inward feelings. I know how hard it is to reconcile these feelings to the Truth of Christ. I just pray that you will continue to fight, that you will continue to fight for yourself, and that God will surround you. Remember, Paul had a thorn in his flesh too, one which never went away. Ray, you are a guiding light to Christians everywhere; you may have sinned, you may be sinning, and you may still sin, but I would like to just say one thing: Thank you. Thank you for giving to the Lord. I am a life that was changed.

I pray for you all; the strength of the Lord Yeshuah be upon you!

Keep watching the Temple. Wait for it, pray for it; its coming SOON!


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In the Face of the Godless

[This post is completely chaotic, any order at all comes from Above; a warning in advance]

God is dead, and we have killed him.

Could such a statement be true? Do humans have the mere idea power to murder God? Thats essentially what it is, murder of God. Can you do it? Do you have the cold-hearted ability to calculate such a feat? Do you have the balls? (pardon the expression.) Here’s the kicker: just cuz you said you did it… did you?

Thats the premise I’m talking about right now.

While Atheists the world over proclaim the death of God and revel in their self-righteous attitudes, engaging in handshakes and flashing smiles to an applaudant crowd, it is just as plausible to at least consider the possibility that God is, all the while, watching them with a smile, waiting for the time when He will bring retribution upon their irreverent heads without warning. Isn’t it at least worth considering?

Now consider this instead, that God is not smiling at all. His heart is broken for those who ignorantly disbelieve, and even though they spit upon His people, and they befoul His name, yet does He love them. He urgently wishes for them to turn their hearts again to Him, and He still alows them time to do so.

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” (Psalms 14:1 KJV)

But Atheists are usually good people, aren’t they? They usually are very upstanding citizens, certainly, and often highly moral in their own regard. Herein lies the problem. (Can you spot it? I won’t tell you.)

“Reverence of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,”(Psalm 111:10)

“Holy acknowledgement of the Lord is the beggining of knowledge,” (Proverbs 1:7)

“Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…” (Proverbs 9:10)

Beginning to see a pattern here? The truth is, at least from what I’ve seen, that Atheism has no foundation. Its like a bargain-basement faith with little to no committment [sic?]. I’m not saying that Atheists are fools, I don’t have to. God already said that. God already said that to understand Him fully is to begin  the path to Wisdom. Without God there can be no wisdom.

Atheists don’t like that, and so they proclaim that God is dead, and that humans come from monkeys. What seemed like an absurd joke in Darwin’s day has now become accepted amongs the highest people in global society. Understand this… people believe they come from monkeys. I don’t know, to me it just sounds preposterous, maybe you’re all familiar with this concept, but I can’t get my head around it; they actually believe it. The worst part is that, thanks to the scientific community, the everyday person now believes this as absolute fact. No wonder church attendance is low, they believe they come from monkeys. Holy crap.

And what exactly have we been doing this whole time? *looks at Christian community* Well, i know what I’ve been doing, I was whoring out my soul to the occult; but surely I’m the only one. Right? For one thing, what most Christians have done when dealing with Atheists is either debate them frivolously, or else lay down and let themselves be trampled. Its to the point where Christians are ashamed to be Christians, and Atheism reigns against a backdrop of Spiritual Awareness.

“Hey, aren’t you a Christian?”

“Me? Oh no… I think you’re thinking of someone else.”

First of all, Christians shouldn’t be debating anything. It’s not for us to prove the Bible, thats Gods job, Leave it up to Him. You just do your part, citizen. (Sign up Now!) And why do we let ourselves get walked on? Fear of offending somebody? Listen to me, and I’m sure to get a lot of crap for saying this but whatever: tolerance is Death; extremism is Life. Don’t let them push you around any longer. I’m not saying with violence (unless in defence), but I’m saying stand up for what (and Who) you believe in. Don’t be afraid anymore to be extremely vocal about it for fear of persecution, now is definitely not the time. I’d like to think the rule is (apprpriately): “Everyone fights, no one quits.” 

Hey, I’m not accusing anybody of anything I haven’t done myself (obviously), but what I am saying is this: it has to stop. No more tolerance. Am I inciting hatred of Atheists? Of course not! Am I inciting hatred against Atheism? Emphatically, yes. And why? Because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the lie, and I’m sick of seeing it everywhere, and MOST OF ALL I’m sick of seeing Christians not doing anything about it!

Now, there’s only one thing you need to know while combatting Atheism (in all its guises): you can’t really do much about the present state of things. The reason for this, as any Christian knows, is because these are the End Times. God has warned us in His Word that He is going to send Strong Delusion upon the wicked of this world. In truth, the only reason why we Christians are not entrapped by this delusion is because of the very fact that we know the truth. It’s simple, if you know the Scriptures, then you can understand what is going on during this most confusing age. Can I get a /b/men? (sorry, a little /b/tard humour.) *Amen*

Atheism, along with all Spiritual Awareness and New Age trends, are completely a part of this Delusion, i believe. Only God knows, but I believe that we’re able to understand what He was talking about by reading the Bible. I’d like to also note here, casually, that both Darwin and Nietzsche had a profound internal struggle as a result of their Godless state. Though they were both pioneers of Atheism, neither of them found adequacy in their own theories; dejectedly, they tried to ignore God’s call to them until their dying day.

What is the argument of Atheism anyway? Right now, I really want to just say to each and every Christian who reads this: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. God is in control. We have a job to do. There is still a battle going on, is there not? (many contend this very point, to my chagrin.) There IS a battle going on, and we are still called to preach the Word, to contend against the spiritual darkness of this world. This, ultimately, means trying to rescue Atheists from Atheism who, in turn, do not wish to be rescued. Thats putting it in the meanest of terms, but thats what it comes down to. We are called to be a light unto the world.

Jesus already knew they would hate us. But listen, we’re down to the wire now. Time is getting short, very short. The Enemy has only a little bit of time left, and he’s definitely watching US. The devil is probably not watching the majority of humanity as they willingly throw themselves off the precipice of Sin; He’s watching US. The Christian community.

He’s laughing because he thinks we’re down for the count. We’re a dead horse. Lets kick it… Right? At least have the courage to admit to yourselves what Christendom has become. Let’s all (myself included) look at ourselves in the mirror of Christ and see if we can stand ourselves even for a moment.

Ignorance is tragedy… It really is.

In conclusion, what do you do in the face of the Godless? You stand firm. Endure to the end. Defend the faith at all costs. Thats what we are now, defenders of the faith. The True Faith. We are servants of God Most High, and bearers of Light to those of the world. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be? What I’m supposed to be?

The Godless are fools! There is nothing they can do to you, aside from murder you in the most horrendous of fashions. Worse than this, they could persuade you with Atheism, which could make you wise in your own eyes. ITs one thing to have wisdom, even a shred of it; its quite another thing to be wise in your own eyes. Today’s world is being geared towards a one-world understanding of spirituality, politics, and science. It is becoming wise in its own eyes. Forget that, its BEEN wise in its own eyes. There’s not much we can do about the things God is doing to bring forth the Apocalypse (which is most definitely at hand, if you don’t think it is, you’d better wake up now before you wake up dead… in Hell), but what we can do is rally our troops. Another thing we can do is recruit.

Its not about conversion, its about gathering the Sheep. This whole post, its a Sheep thing. Only Sheep will understand. Atheists often talk about Sheep in wolve’s clothing, and I’ve heard allusions that this is because we must now hide amongst the wolves in their own clothing. They joke that we are their prey.

I have to laugh.

Sheep don’t have to be afraid of any wolf, or even a pack of wolves. Why? Because we know that the wolves should be afraid of our Shepherd. He always protects us.

Go forth warriors. Be strong in the Lord. I can only say that I will try to be also. Pray for me please.

I have much more faith in you all than I do in my own perseverance. What I say is the truth: repent, and turn your hearts to the Lord, the God of Israel!

Watch the temple. Pray for it to be laid.


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Stand Strong Warriors!

I’m the last person who should be preaching, or teaching the word of Christ. I’m a hypocritical, backsliding, evil person who only wants the desire of his own heart. I’ve done things which are horrible, I’ve treated people horribly, and I’ve murdered countless numbers of people (murder in thought is still murder, only separable by a single physical act), I’ve even wanted to, and tried to, murder myself. I’ve been a spiritual prostitute for over 10 years; I was born a spiritual prostitute. I’ve transcended this reality into darkened realms which many are fortunate enough to have not experienced in any measure; I contemplated on their depths, and I was allowed to return. From my state of madness, I was allowed to return.

I was allowed to return for one reason and one reason only: to proclaim (from an informed perspective) that God truly exists, and that there is One God, One Lord who is master of all Universal Reality (both Subjective and Objective): He is the Lord Jesus Christ.

This single statement will make many fall. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is merciful, and His ways are wholly unable to be fathomed! May He return soon, He is already at the door! Prepare yourselves for the things which are about to take place. Consider your place before God, and turn to Him again (or for the first time). Your life and the lives of those you love could depend on it!

It is unfortunate for me, being of evil nature, to begin a thesis that way, whether here in cyberspace or otherwise, for speaking such things will surely not bring me any popularity. Luckily, I am not looking for popularity, nor would I know where to look for it. As I said before, I am a nobody and will a nobody remain, perhaps until my dying day, I know not. Such things are the knowledge of God, not my knowledge. It’s not for me to care about. What my duty is, however, is to make sure that I begin to proclaim the truth from which I’ve been running.

Like many today, I’ve searched for The Truth everywhere. Like many people today I’ve tried to look anywhere I could except at the Bible; I would always leave that for a last resort. I was amazed when I finally made myself read a few books of the Bible (initially I began to read it, over ten years ago, for the purpose of “knowing my enemy,” in order to better fight against Christianity). I couldn’t believe that people were fighting against words which were so wise. At that point in my search for truth the Bible was already vastly superior to anything else I had looked into previously. I know far more about the dark side of humanity now than I did before, largely because I always broke my covenant with Jesus Christ (in addition to the lovely qualities listed above, I am also an oath-breaker). Because of the desire of my heart, I would always turn from Christ in order to attain it. That I never did didn’t seem to matter to me, I admit in hindsight my strategy for life was quite ill-founded indeed. I even quit school in order to give my life over to study of the occult. Ten years later I can say that it was a bad choice, but thats an entirely different story.

The point is, I’ve done my research. I’ve worked through spiritual systems, figuring out their individual discrepancies in a matter of months, gleaning the same amounts of information which would normally take most people years of devout practice. I’m no smarter than the next person, my IQ isn’t that grand (I guess, never had a test), but still, I was able to understand spiritual and philosophical systems sometimes better and more intricately than others who had been involved with them for years. To take it a step further, I was (in each case) able to differentiate the errors from truth, and given the ability to understand why the systems in question were not adequate; why they didn’t work for me, and why they only worked in part for anyone else.

All I can say is: GOD.

Its all Him. He allowed me to look in and see the depths of Hell, and I have been allowed to remain myself long enough to yet be able to understand. It’s very difficult to relate in human terms the type of battle that has been going on, all around me, for years, every day and night, as I slept, as I did whatever it is that I do. The battle was raging on all sides of me, as it rages on around each one of us. Unfortunately, some of us are like sitting ducks and the Enemy of our Souls just… picks us off like a sniper on the hillside. Sometimes, we’re easy prey. If you’ve read this far, I implore you to consider Jesus Christ before its too late.

I’ve started this web-log because I need to say these things and have no idea where, or how… Not to mention my unworthiness. The fact that I am preaching seems, at least to me, a true reflection of all the problems with christianity today. I’m the last person that should be asking the tough questions, viewing the most controversial aspects of the spiritual genocide, vocally fighting for thr truth of the Bible, and proclaiming the light of Christ to the world: I do it because I don’t see others doing it, and I mean to do it. You’re blood will NOT be on my hands, do you understand me? I’ve already screwed my life up enough without continuing to do so by ignoring the call of the Lord. He says: “PREACH.”

In tears, I say: “Yes, Lord.”

Judge me. Get lulz off me. Hate me. Kill me. Nothing matters except that you turn to God before its too late. Do it now, while you still have a chance!

Stand strong warriors, when they suround you!

Stand strong when they assault you!

Stand strong and fortify the gates!

Stand strong and proclaim the Word!

Stand strong for peace!

Stand strong for honour!

Stand strong for Christ, all you warriors, in the face of the Godless!

God is with us. Jesus is Lord!

They are rebuilding the Temple! When it is built I want to go there, so I can worship the God of Israel!

(in tears)

I love you all, my brothers and sisters.

With Gods grace and mercy, you can expect more from me.


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