Altar Call

If you do not know how to become a Christian, I urge you to talk to a Church representative postehaste. Its far more likely that you will be able to trust a church administrator much more than you would be able to trust information from the internet, or worse: from some one who has absolutely no real knowledge on the subject. That being said, it is always a wise idea to research what the church officials tell you.

The steps to becoming a Christian are widely known, and are practically known everywhere. They are:

1. Repentance. (turning from sin; giving up one’s Will in order to serve the Will of God)  

2. Belief and Faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of the only Living God. (Belief is not enough, but faith in action is required)

3. Baptism according to Christ’s commandment. (Christ was, Himself, baptised in order that we might follow His example)  

4. Be filled with the Holy Spirit. (The Comforter which was promised to the disciples of Jesus)

You’re life will have a marked change after this. Even after the first one (which is the biggie), your life will begin to immediately become repurified in contrast to how much “cleaning” you do. The more you grow in Christ, the more purified your life will become. In order to maintain your walk with Christ, it is a good idea to acquire a Bible and read it daily. Its also very encouraging for a new Christian to become involved with other Christians for social interaction (fellowship), as well as edification (church services). Feel free to check this information with other Christians for a second opinion (keep in mind that Gnostic Christianity is NOT Christianity, and there are many Spiritual Awareness groups masquerading as Christian organizations; be careful out there, soldier!).

Drop a comment below if you’ve decided to make the decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life; if so, you are a defender of the faith, and we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I need to speak to the Servant that publishes this material.
    I come in the name of the Lord.

  2. Are you aware of the forensic study of the Freer Manuscript?

  3. new email:

    If anyone wants to contact me.


  4. Jesus Christ is Lord

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